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Student Opportunity Fund

This fund was established to allow students, who may not otherwise be able to afford it, to take advantage of opportunities to participate in academics and co-curricular experiences by providing funding subsidy to defray their out-of-pocket expenses. The Dean of Students office is able to provide financial assistance to individual students to further their personal, professional and educational development for experiences like: training seminars, conferences, workshops, on and off campus educational or skill development seminars/programs, educational trips, etc.

Opportunity Type: 
Core Learning Outcomes: 

* Collaborate and interact with other students, faculty, and professional community members #connectLU
* Apply the transferable skills you gain through the experience to another valuable professional experience #successLU
* Learn key skills in areas that are of personal or career interest and begin applying them to your college experiences #curiousLU


As a rule, students do not receive awards during the last semester of their senior year, rarely exceptions will be made, depending on the circumstance.
For full consideration the students experience need to be endorsed by a Lehigh University faculty or administrator via email to
Funds can only be used toward experiences that occur within the United States.

Office Information: 

Information regarding requests for funding as well as application procedures are available on the Dean of Students office website:


Requests are processed on a rolling/as submitted basis. In general, students are eligible for one grant per academic year.

Additional Information: 

Questions about the fund can be directed to